4-6 October, 2019

We are delighted to be back in relatively new community and a new country on the West Coast Swing event map in 2019 as well!

The idea of SwingVibes Bratislava was born as a joint calling of Slovakian, Austrian and Hungarian dancers/organizers, to create the opportunity for the Slovakian community to show the world their amazing hospitality, friendly vibes and passion for West Coast Swing.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in the capital of wonderful Slovakia!

Wanna get the vibe? Take a look at what happened last year :)


swingvibes workshop passesWorkshop pass

  • 8 hours of workshops
  • 3 parties
  • Option to participate in competitions



swingvibes party passesParty pass

  • 3 parties
  • Option to participate in competitions



Arjay Centeno Workshop

 Partnering intensive with Arjay

Enjoy this 2x1.5 hours intensive about partnering from one of the absolute best in the business!

Module1: Partnering Skills for all dances

Arjay will teach you all the essential skills for good partnering. His extensive training in West Coast Swing, International Standard, Latin, Theater Arts and many other dances will show you how to take the best of many dances to take your lead and follow to the next level. We’ll be talking about many elements to improve whichever dance you’re working on.

Module2: Conversing with your partner

The second stage to using the technique from the partnering mechanics workshop is being able to create moments and converse with your partner. Coordinating what the leader leads and what the follow does to express the dance and making it work with the music is no easy task. Arjay will guide you through the specific highlights to bring out your best dancing.

Note: the two modules will take place on Saturday and on Sunday.



FULL PASS Basic price Central-Eastern Europe  
Early bird (until 31-July) 115 EUR 105 EUR  
Normal bird 125 EUR 115 EUR  
Late bird 135 EUR 125 EUR  
PARTY PASS Basic price Central-Eastern Europe  
Early bird (until 31-July) 45 EUR 40 EUR  
Normal bird 50 EUR 45 EUR  
Late bird 55 EUR 50 EUR  
Central-Eastern Europe: Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia
Partnering Intensive with Arjay (flat price) 45 EUR 40 EUR  
Note: the “Partnering Intensive” can only be booked for workshop pass and party pass holders.


Couple Registration | Single Registration


We would like to ensure the best role balance possible, to maximize dancing time for all of you both in workshops and parties.

  • If you register with a partner as a couple, you place will be automatically secured for the event.
  • If you register as a single follower or single leader, your place is not automatically secured. We will do our best to secure a place for you, either by pairing you up with someone dancing in the opposite role and also had single registration, or by allowing a healthy surplus of the role with more registrations (most probably followers :) ). You can maximize your chance to get in to the event by getting a follower/leader to accompany you. When your later registering partner adds your name as partner in the registration form, you will be admitted to the event automatically. In case don’t have a registration partner, we highly recommend you to post in the facebook event of #swingvibeswcs2019 that you’re looking for a partner - it eventually works many times and you can register with automatic admission with a partner! :)


Group discount

Groups of dancers from the same country are eligible for a discounted price from Workshop Passes.

  • groups of at least 8 people get 10% discount from their pass
  • payment has to be settled by the group leader
  • party passes and free passes (including AllStar registrations) cannot be part of a group and will be considered as individual registrations
  • international groups (groups containing people from different countries) are not permitted. In case we see such group setups, we reserve the right to withdraw the discount from the whole group.
  • we'd like to ask group leaders to help us maintain a healthy gender balance by having the ratio of leaders at least 45% in the group
  • group leaders kindly contact us at info@swingvibes.com or via our facebook page for group registration details

Organizing groups is hard work! We appreciate the work of group leaders a lot! If you help 8 people (not including you) to get group discount in the group, your get your pass with 50% discount. If you help more than 16 people (not including you) to benefit from the discount, your pass in complimentary.

WSDC Advanced/AllStar discount

We appreciate if dancers work hard and put a lot of effort into growing themselves.

WSDC Advanced dancers can register with a 70% discount off the actual pass price of the Workshop pass (not applicable for the intensive). Please add “Advanced” to the comment section.

WSDC AllStar dancers are eligible for free entry (except for the intensive). Please add “AllStar” to the comment section.

Note: the advanced discount does not add up to the group discount, it replaces it. Advanced dancers can still be part of the group, and they will pay the price modified by the advanced discount.

Note: AllStar dancers can not be part of a group.

Cancellation and transfer policy: Cancel before 01/08/2019, 50% of ticket price refunded – cancel before 01/09/2019, 25% of ticket price refunded - no refund can be given after 01/09/2019.

If you find registration cancellation too costly, we offer you the option to transfer your registration to another dancer. Transfer rules: - if you are a leader, you can only find a leader to substitute - if you are a follower, you can find either a leader, or a follower to substitute Finding a substitute can only be done in an acceptable way in no abusing manner, otherwise we refuse to accept the registration transfer.

Participation rulesData protection



Arjay Centeno

Arjay's entire life has been dedicated to the exploration of art and music. For 17 years Arjay toured the world as a classical violinist before traveling the world as a dance professional. He studied music and also graduated with a degree in Art and Graphic Design, a passion he shares with his wife. Searching for more in music and the arts, Arjay pursued his hobby and love of dance and turned it into a successful career. There are not many dances he doesn't know.

Arjay is an accomplished West Coast Swing Champion of Classic, Showcase, Jack and Jill, Teams and Strictly Swing Divisions. His most memorable accomplishments include winning Showcase at Grand Nationals, winning Classic at America’s Classic, winning Invitational Jack and Jill at Phoenix, winning Champions Strictly and Teams at the US Open.

He currently travels the world performing, teaching, choreographing, judging, mentoring dancers as well as deejaying and emceeing some of the biggest events in the world.

Marina Motronenko & Pavel Katunin

Pavel and Marina West Coast Swing Dancers. WSDC all-star level couple. They began working and practice together in 2015. And now they share their own passion to West Coast Swing in Russia and outside the country. They combine years dance experience and as a couple, they have won several titles. They became a Finalists in Classic Division at The Open Swing Dance Championship 2018. They are on of the top WCS couple in Russia, where they are teaching and helping the community grow. They are known for the charismatic personality, technical realization and using different dance experiences to help those students learn.

Eszter Móricz & Sylvain Pelé

Eszter began dancing at the age of 7, training in jazz and in acrobatic rock and roll in Budapest, the capital of Hungary. She competed 6 years long nearly every weekend and started to teach already at the age of 17. In 2009 she came across the first videos of West Coast Swing, and it was love at first sight. In this dance she has found infinite possibilities to express herself and she is still amazed how one dance can vary with the next depending on the inspiration of the current partner, the music and the moment. Eszter has been teaching WCS locally and internationally for the past 7 years and since then she travels around the world to share her passion and to learn even more about WCS. But most of all she is a social dancers staying on the dance floor all night long!

Sylvain discovered west coast swing in Paris in 2007 and competes now in All Star. His reaction was an instant crush for this dance offering feeling, space for creativity and interactions. He learned from the champions and never left the dance floor. Teaching in Paris and all over Europe, he is willing to transmit his passion to everyone.

Together they form a powerful couple, focusing on partnering, creating moments and fierce musicality!




You know the basics of West Coast Swing, your next step is to improve your technique. You need more pattern variations and footwork. You favor when teachers explain lead and follow of new movement variations in detail. You need inspiration for additional styling elements and musicality.
Recommended level: newcomer/novice


You are confident in lead and follow, your basics are solid, you work with a wide variety of footwork variations and complex patterns. You social dance with dancer from any level with ease. Your next step is to improve your style, fine tune your technique and acquire a deeper understanding of the mechanics of West Coast Swing.
Required level: min. novice WSDC 3 points or audition


You are an experienced dancer, you have attended several international events as well as participated in numerous competitions. You can bring the maximum out of your partner of any level with your advanced lead and follow skills. Your aim in classes is to widen your advanced styling base, deepen musical understanding and further develop your technique. You want to use all of these to develop your own style.
Required level: min. intermediate 3 points or audition


Please find the draft schedule below.


19:00 - 20:00
All level class with Marina and Pavel
20:15 - 21:15
All level class with Arjay - Double trouble!

21:15 - late
late social dancing

Pro demo


10:00 - 10:40
Level audition for all levels
11:00 - 14:30
Levelled workshops on 3 levels

15:30 - 17:00
Partnering Intensive with Arjay #1

19:00 - late
Social dancing

19:30 - 21:00
Jack&Jill prelims

21:15 - 22:45
Jack&Jill finals

Awards, Pro Show


10:30 - 12:00
Partnering Intensive with Arjay #1
12:15 - 15:45
Levelled workshops on 3 levels
19:00 - 02:00
Social dancing



La Bomba Dance Club & Café
Prievozská 18, 82109 Bratislava, Slovakia

Our venue is equipped with two bars - one at the entrance area and one in the main ballroom. Soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, sandwiches and snacks will be available for you during the event.


Grocery store:
Tesco - 300m away
Pizzeria Rotunda - Italian restaurant, 500m away
Punjabi Dhaba - restaurant with tasty Indian food, right next door to the venue
Mlyn - restaurant with European kitchen, right behind the building of the venue
McDonald’s - we guess you know what it is :P, 600m away from the venue 

SwingVibes Bratislava - Eatmap


Hotels nearby:

Hotel Astra*** – www.hotelastra.sk – from 40EUR/night/double room
Hotel Aston*** – www.hotelaston.sk – from 59EUR/night/double room Holiday Inn
Bratislava**** – www.holidayinn.com/bratislava - from 71EUR/night/double room

There are good quality private options around as well. If you don’t feel like booking a hotel, we highly recommend you to explore the housing options offered on www.booking.com or www.airbnb.com.


Take your time to discover the hidden and not so hidden treasures of Bratislava, the capital of the Slovak Republic. Please find some tips below where to go and what to do when you’re not in the ballroom :)





+36 70 400 4718